Now that we have a workshop space at the Westbury Antique Market, now we need to schedule some workshops.

But. . .

I have workshops planned for March, BUT I am having technical difficulties getting the website to work.  Grr.  Until that glitch is fixed, let me tell you what’s coming.

First, I plan to start having these workshops on Saturdays and Sundays.  If there is interest, I can run classes during the week as well, but all workshops need to be started and finished during the Westbury’s normal hours: 10-6 Mon-Sat and 12-5 on Sunday.

Second, I plan to do two different workshops on these days.  So, there would be one class on Saturday morning or Sunday early afternoon, then a second class with a different project on Saturday afternoon or Sunday late afternoon.  That way those of you who have quite a drive can make the most out of your trip.

Third, I will provide all materials you need for your workshop projects.  The workshop fee will cover everything you need, start to finish.  The only exception will be for the Paint Your Own Piece classes, but we’ll get to those later.

Fourth, and this is really important, all workshops must be registered and paid for in advance online at // or //

Right now, THOSE LINKS ARE NOT WORKING.  I will write another blog post and announce that registrations are open on my facebook page

So, for right now, here’s the schedule:

Fusion 101-1

Stencil Your Own Sign – 1

Fusion 101-2

Stencil Your Own Sign – 2

As soon as I can get this online registration glitch fixed, I will paint sample projects and post pictures of what we’ll be making in each class.

If you can’t wait that long, I can tell you that in Fusion 101, the box you’ll be painting is about 18” long x 6” deep x 4” high and can be used as a centerpiece or wall shelf.  It can hold 3 mason jars or 3 jar candles.

If you search on Pinterest for Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils, you can see some of the stencils I have to offer for the Stencil Your Own Sign workshop.  We’ll be doing signs that are 4” or 6” high and 4’ to 6’ long.