Bear with me as I learn this blogging thing.

I was able to move into my new booth spaces at the Westbury Antique Market a few days early.  Yay!  Just don’t panic when you walk down Aisle C and I’m not in B-46 anymore.  The Paint Lady is still there; she just moved al little bit.  Keep walking down Aisle C, make a left down Aisle F, and I’m on the left in B-33.  Look for my signature painted paintbrushes.

Westbury Antique Market Booth B-33

The lighting in this booth is so much better for you to pick your Fusion colors.  One day, I’d like to paint the walls a neutral white or light gray..  That post is both a curse and a blessing.  It’s a pain for taking pictures and arranging furniture, but it gives me added ‘wall’ display space.

That darn post

The corner cabinet and Pfaff sewing machine table sold in late January, and a ton of smalls sold in December.  That side of the booth looks pretty bare, which means I need to get busy painting and shopping around for goodies.  Oh, darn.

Fusion Mineral Paint Display

I have a Fusion shipment scheduled to arrive Monday, 2/12/18.  My UPS dude usually arrives late in the afternoon.  I’ll do my best to get all of the new product labeled so I can deliver it Tuesday morning, 2/13/18.

Speaking of new product, once this shipment arrives, I will be carrying the ENTIRE Fusion Mineral Paint line.  That means if Fusion makes it, you can get it from me, both in my online store // and in my // booth.  In addition, I will be carrying ALL of the Staalmeester brushes that Fusion offers, including the two new wax brushes.

I will not be carrying the other lines that Fusion offers but can be purchased directly from those companies.

For example, I will not carry the Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils which you can purchase here //, nor the Muddaritaville stencils found here //  However, we will be using some of these stencils in future workshops, and I could place some special orders for you on request with prepayment.

Furthermore, I will not be carrying the Efex mouldings which you can purchase here //, nor the IOD line of transfers and such found here //

These products are beautiful and cool and fun — but a girl can only stretch herself so far.  I’ve given you the links if you want to go play.

And here is our new playspace:

Simply DeStressed Workshop Booth B-32

My first Fusion 101 Workshops are Saturday, March 3 at 10:30 and 2:00.  My next post will be about the workshop, and I’ll have more details on Facebook here //