We’ve all had dark times.

I come from a long line of strong, independent, creative women who taught me how to remain tough in tough times.  In a former life, I had earned a degree in English Education.  I got married and was a stay at home mom for my two daughters for thirteen years.  I tutored college students with learning disabilities at the local university and taught religious education classes at my local parish.

In May of 2015, my university position lost funding, and I lost my job.  In August of that same year, I lost two sisters-in-law to cancer.  In October, my sister died suddenly.  Then, in the first week of January 2016, That Awful Week, my brother’s wife died, my son-in-law’s grandfather passed away, and my family feared losing both my father and a nephew to alcoholism.

And I broke.

2016 was a very dark time.  It had begun with That Awful Week and ended with my father’s death in December.  I had to learn to let go.  To let go of guilt.  To let go of circumstances beyond my control.  To let go of things that cluttered my life and my home and made my living stressful.

My husband and girls gave me a reason to keep fighting.  My therapist gave me coping skills.  My priest gave me encouragement.  My friends let me rant and rave and scream and cry and still find a way to laugh.

Simply DeStressed was born out of that dark time.  Creating this little business of mine has been a way to cope with an enormous amout of grief —  on top of the everyday stress of living.

I’ve mostly recovered.  Forever changed, yes, but better.  Now when I start getting overwhelmed, I dive into a dose of creative therapy.  Building.  Refinishing.  Painting.  Decorating.  Writing.  Learning.  Even simply cleaning and organizing.

So there it is.  Simply DeStressed: Decorate Simply.  Live DeStressed.