One would expect that today’s Picker’s Paradise would be the perfect opportunity to promote upcoming workshops.

Well, my friends, I have failed in doing so.

Let me explain.

On Palm Sunday, my family lost my mother’s baby sister, our matriarch, the spitfire and glue that held us together. My loss was compounded in feeling that I had lost my mother yet again; a piece of living flesh who connected me to my mother and best friend had been taken away. More loss. More grief. More overwhelming sadness.

And I simply have not been able to think of creating, promoting, and hosting workshops since then.

I do apologise for failing to meet your expectations and needs. I will not, however, apologise for living the grieving process.

Those of you who have walked this path know that with great love comes great loss. That love must be honored, that loss must be lived, and we must be kind to ourselves until our strength returns.

I have thrown myself into caring for my family and my home as Bert would have done. I’ve picked up my tools and brushes, finishing furniture pieces put off far too long.  I’ve kept my business going without obsessing about growth.

Workshops will return, I promise, once my smile returns.

Life is chaos. Be kind.